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Whether you are involved with truck and auto litigation or operating a trucking company, the right answers and a proper understanding are critical. Where publications and engineering are helpful, often times only persons with in depth, extensive experience with trucks, autos, and other equipment have the right answers. Tom Truss with Truck Dynamics has over 50 years of this background. Through his experiences, he has owned and operated truck, auto, and equipment repair facilities, trucking companies, and has taught these trades to students and industry personnel. As a consultant involved with thousands of accidents since 1987, he has been instrumental in creating proper understanding of trucks, automobiles, and equipment systems as well as determinations as to proper operation and safe driving techniques.

Truck Dynamics, based in Bryan, Texas, is equipped to inspect and test critical systems of trucks, trailers, and automobiles. Our mobile diagnostic vehicle is outfitted with power tools, equipment, and test devices as well as photograph and video equipment. Through our work, Truck Dynamics has inspected thousands of vehicles and have tested countless automotive and truck systems. We have been successful in determining many equipment malfunctions as well as determining levels of safe operations through these inspections.

Working closely with engineers and accident re-constructionists, Truck Dynamics has accomplished extensive vehicle performance testing, produced visibility studies, analyzed skid marks at accident scenes, and constructed models for court room demonstrations.

On the motor vehicle safety front, Truck Dynamics provides ongoing safety training for trucking companies and their employees to include company and driver compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

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